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Why it's important to have the right fishing gear

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Fishing is a fun activity and when done with the right equipment, the fun doubles. There is a lot of fishing equipment available around us, but figuring out what is the best equipment for you can be a task. Choosing the right fishing gear fishing in India makes the difference between a great day with a good catch in hand or going home empty handed.

A great fishing rod is your first essential piece of equipment when it comes to fishing. One that comes with good strength, responsiveness and action is an ideal rod to use. Remember that the correct length of a rod should be 11.8 inches longer than your height. A fishing reel is an accessory part that is attached to your rod and helps to wind the fishing line. Spinning reels, trolling reels with and without upwind, fly reels, surf spinning reels are some of the popular fishing reels in Goa.

Some of your best fishing days may be days in rough weather conditions. It's always great to get your hands on some fishing jackets or fishing vests that protect you from what Mother Nature has to offer. Fishing vests (floating) come with several pockets for storing accessories and are also made of a special floating material to provide buoyancy.

Fishing hooks help catch fish by sticking them in the fish's mouth when they come to nibble on your bait or lure. Fishing hooks come in different types such as single, double, circle and treble. Hook sizes vary depending on the type of fish you are looking to catch.

While preparing for a fishing trip, you will notice that you will need several accessories to carry along the way. Some will be large while others may be very delicate and small in size. A perfect storage solution that helps keep all your accessories in order is a fishing tackle box.

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