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The most beautiful locations to fish in Europe

There is nothing quite like fishing in a new place your first time. For any fisherman, novice or full-on veteran, fishing is a valuable pastime that helps them decompress. What better way to do it than to mix tourism with their favourite pastime.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic places to go in Europe with lots of fishing. If you are planning on making your next vacation a fishing trip, we can help you figure out where to go. If you want to go fishing in Sweden, you do not have to look far beyond Stockholm to find some amazing places to go fishing.

Stromgatan, for instance, is located in the heart of the city, with great views. You can see the Swedish Parliament and Gamla Stan building when you are out fishing. Another city-based spot is the Hammarby Sjostad on Hammarby Lake, a popular area of Stockholm. It has many good places to fish, and is easy to access from the city.

However, if you are looking for more classic, natural fishing experiences, you do not need to travel too far out of Stockholm. Ringsjon lake offers a few nice fishing spots, where you can catch Whitefish and Rainbow Trout. Drevviken is another peaceful lake near Stockholm, and is like Ringsjon. A huge, sustainable fishing destination, Drevviken lake does not disappoint.

You can also go to Stockholms archipelago and Galo Island, a real isolated paradise. You could camp there and fish your hearts out, enjoying the natural beauty of the archipelago. France is a gorgeous country to do almost anything, so it is not surprising that fishing is also fantastic in France. One of the best-known places to fish is the Lac du Bourget, Frances deepest and largest lake. It is a spectacular location as it is home to more than 30 species of fish.

Among these, trout, walleye, pike, and bass are the most prominent. The lake is really the gem of the Rhone-Alps region. Then there is Bassin dArcachon, located off Frances southwest coast -- a must-see spot for saltwater anglers. Beautiful sunrises, crystal-clear waters, and bass are just some of what you can expect in the Arcachon. Fishermen from overseas enjoy Lake De-Chantecau, located in the middle of the Champagne region, relatively close to Paris.

It is a good destination for beginners, though older pros frequent the lake because of its huge carp. Other famous French spots include the Rance river and the Ailette. Both are popular destinations for taking the family on fishing trips. While you are in Italy, you may also want to check out some of the best fishing spots in Europe. The Le Marche region offers great fishing, particularly at Cignaglia, Pioraco, and Cefro.

These are among Italys finest lakes to fish, and they are home to trout, pike, and carp, among other species. However, speaking of lakes, up north, there is also Lake Como, which has pike and bass. And let us not forget about Italys biggest river, the Po. It is home to huge catfish and large carps, which will tempt any angler. In Tuscany, this river is the best-known place to fish.

The Lima and the Civ are good places for trout and greyling. For those fishermen that like fishing in open waters, there are two excellent places in Italy for that. The Egadi islands in Sicily and the coastlines in Sardinia will impress you both for the beauty they offer as well as for the quality of the fishing. Look out for Blue Fin Tuna and Sicilian Swordfish in the Mediterranean, as well as Amberjack, Snapper, and Garricks in the Tyrrhenian.

The UK is an incredible place, offering a number of excellent fishing destinations amongst the wild, unspoiled beauty of its islands. If you are looking to get an incredible fishing trip, then Britain may be right up your alley. But what destination should you choose?. One of the more famous places on Dartmoor is in Devon.

With a name so evocative, one cannot help but picture an experience fishing hungry fish on a gloomy river. The River Tyne, Northumberland, has a colour which gives you a clear edge over the salmon trout which are found in it. This makes the river ideal for daytime fishing, as well as for big fish caught on sea trout.

The River Clettwr near the English/Welsh border will prove the most appealing spot to the adventurous. Look no further if you are looking to put a lot of effort into catching fish on the rough waters. The conditions are somewhat more accessible on Strangford Lough, Co. Down.

It is Britains largest marine loch, and is full of mackerel, pollock, and quahog, among others. Assynt may be the most bewildering of places: it sits beneath the great mountains, and has saltwater and freshwater fishing options. Fionn Loch is an excellent spot to catch brown trout, which are native.

Germany definitely deserves a spot on a best places to fish list for Europe. With many great rivers and lakes, it would be surprising if it did not make the list.

Some of Germanys most popular places for fishing should include the area around the Danube. In the eight-kilometre-long Bavaria-Danube region, a wide variety of fish are available to be caught. For even bigger river fisheries, the Rhine and Elbe, particularly at Baden-Wurttemberg and Sachsen-Anhalt, are incredible experiences.

However, if you prefer lake fishing, Lake Seemsee and Lake Starnberg are there too. Both are pretty deep, and have lots of pike, trout, and perch.

For any anglers who have the travel bug, there are ways to combine two of their greatest loves. Europe offers a multitude of places where you can catch big fish while enjoying both nature and busy cities.

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